MagRoc™ SIPS

MagRoc™ SIPS are the latest evolution in Structural Insulated Panel Systems (SIPS) technology combining the fast, simple and energy efficient attributes of SIPS with the inherent strength and durable sustainability of MgO based sheathing. SIPS and stress skin panels have been in use for decades in the timber frame industry and have evolved into a viable and often better alternative to standard construction assemblies. The combination of structural skins and EPS solid foam insulation cores outperforms conventional assemblies in most applications.

Quze Inc (pronounced "Q") have taken the increasingly popular SIPS option to new heights by changing the coventional OSB skins for our proprietary MagRoc™ magnesium oxide (MgO) based sheathing. MgO board in general and MagRoc™ sheathing specifically outperforms wood in most applications.

MagRoc™SIPS by virtue of our proprietary MgO skins are highly fire, water, imapct, mold and fungus resistant. They are also extremely strong and are tested to be able to build up to 3 storeys with little or no extra structural support framing. Our MgO sheathing also comes with tapered or bevelled edges, that when pressed into SIPS allow for the interior walls to be finished without the need to install Gypsum drywall board, but can still be finished with standard drywall finsihing materials and processes. This makes for a much more durable and green interior finish as MagRoc™ is far tougher than drywall board but does not "off gas" and has a much lower carbon footprint and embodied energy profile. 


MagRoc™SIPS condense the framing, insulation, vapour barrier, exterior sheathing and interior drywall board applications into one simple panel installation. When used as basement or crawlspace walls they reduce the installation of cribbing/formwork, rebar, concrete pouring and stripping to again... one simple panel installation process. The bonus is that you now have a virtualy airtight insulated need for frostwalls! Building wraps or conventional asphalt emulsion sealants can be directly applied to exterior of the SIPS. Construction sequences and time are reduced, on site waste materials are reduced, opportunities for multiple assembly layers to fail or be poorly installed are reduced and overall finance carrying costs are ALL reduced.

MagRoc™SIPS are designed and tested as a "system". They are the result of several years research and development combined with several years of field trials. Quze Inc. is the only company in the world with any amount of REAL time experience building and warranting MgO based SIPS technology to the retail residential and commercial construction market. We manufactured it, designed it, assembled it and warranted REAL time....on REAL REAL customers. This experience and expenditure of time, effort and money has been invaluable in helping us see the strengths...recogonize limitations and improve and expand the technology to meet the actual market demands.

MagRoc™SIPS is the best SIPS technology system in the world and Quze Inc. the most experienced MgO based SIPS team on the planet! Ours products when combined with intelligent design can save heating and cooling infrastructure and operational costs by up to 50%. The envelope is virtually airtight and the EPS isulation will not sag or deterioriate making the R values fully functional for the life of the building.

MagRoc™SIPS have been tested to ASTM, ICC and AS/NZ standards including the latest seismic compliance standards from New Zealand which are among the most stringent in the world.

Don't be fooled by imitations...Be wise....Build on the Roc!

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