MagRoc MagClad™ are insulated exterior panels for use over cavity battens (rainscreen systems). They are affixed to the exterior of new or existing buildings to increase R value, tighten building seal, improve exterior fire/ impact resistance and can be finished with standard stucco and siding products. The panels are simple to install and provide exceptional straightness and envelope upgrades without the conventional invasive deconstruction traditionally required.


Length x width:         2440 x1220                                  Thickness: 50mm (8mm + 37.5mm EPS + 4.5mm)

                                 2700 x 1220                                                   70mm (8mm + 57.5mm EPS + 4.5mm)

                                 3000 x 1220                                                   110mm (8mm + 95.5mm EPS + 4.5mm)








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