MagRoc™ Structural insulated Panels form walls and building envelopes that are significantly stronger than those built with conventional wood framing. SIPS panels in general act like I -beams and the strength of SIPS panels that incorporate the rugged and durable MagRoc ™ sheathing increase in this performance attribute.


MagRoc ™ panel systems are tested for axial, transverse and racking strength and consistently test as superior to conventional framing assemblies. With correct design planning MagRoc™ SIPS are strong enough to build multiple storeys with little additional framing except around some openings and point loads.

MagRoc ™ SIPS strength lies in the composite structure of the materials, which act in a similar way to an I-Beam assembly. The MagRoc™ sheathing acts as the flanges and the EPS foam insulation acts as the web. The sheathing is bonded with tested structural grade adhesive to the high density EPS foam insulation across the entire surface on both sides of the panel assembly. This process leaves no weak points, greatly reducing the potential for twisting or racking. This is in stark contrast to conventional framing process, where the assembly is achieved by attaching multiple individual components of varying types and densities, at many small highly stressed attachment locations with nails and screws. Huge amounts of pressure are exerted at these points when significant racking force is applied. This is the scenario in all earthquake and many hurricane situations.

MagRoc™ SIPS panels and assemblies have been tested by third party accredited testing labs to the latest seismic and hurricane standards.


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