MagRoc™  products share many advanced safety benefits.


MagRoc™ sheathing is highly impact resistant. The impact performance qualities of MagRoc™ have been extensively tested and far outperform other sheathing products at similar thickness's.

MagRoc™ SIPs panels assemblies add a further and much greater dimension of impact resistance, as the EPS centre is structurally glued across the entire contact surface on both sides of the panel. This simple yet near monolithic component assembly, synergistic-ally solidifies the panel and increases its impact resistant performance on either side. This is particularly important in areas with extreme weather patterns such as in hurricane belts.



Conventional assemblies have many weak pts. MagRoc™ SIPS are solid monolithic components.


MagRoc™ is highly water resistant. It will only absorb a tested maximum of 21% moisture by weight under fully submerged total saturation. It also quickly releases this moisture, as the products natural mineral characteristics allow it to readily"breathe" it back out. Even with repeated wet/dry applications and 50 cycles of freeze/thaw testing there is no product performance breakdown and no deterioration.



                Conventional buildings sponge water, weaken and rot.   MagRoc™SIPS do not deteriorate when saturated.


MagRoc™ is highly mold and fungus resistant. It is a proprietary non-nutrient design mix and there is nothing in the finished product that will encourage or support mould, fungal or bacteria growth.


      Black mold is destructive and unhealthy. MagRoc is mold resistant and the SIPS uses little or no wood.

MagRoc™ sheathing is a "Class A" fire resistant product with a zero flame spread/zero smoke development rating that will NOT contribute to a fire.



                     Fire codes are changing internationally.  MagRoc™ already has it covered.


                                                                             SEE FIRE VIDEO


Be wise Build on the Roc



MagRoc™ SIPS assemblies have been successfully tested to ASTM, ICC, NFPA and AS/NZ fire resistance criteria. They far outperform conventional wood frame/ gypsum board and wood/steel clad SIPS assemblies.


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