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Our goal is to help transform the most promising technologies into investment or license opportunities for investors or companies. For details on Investment Opportunities, including License and Manufacturing License for Specific Countries please contact Mark Carter. With our innovative technology and product quality, Quze Inc. is well positioned to be your strategic partner.

MagRoc is a magnesium based sheathing with a fibreglass mesh reinforcing at the front and back surface of varying specification and quantity. The product offers substantial structural qualities in all axis. When laminated to a solid core it becomes a Stress Skin Panel or (Structurally Insulated Panel) SIP. The minimum thickness to create a stress skin panel is 110mm (4 1/2”). The panels also act as sheer walls allowing for long and tall walls.


MagRoc™ Structural Insulate Panel System(SIPS) are a GREENER way to build. Not only are the materials used in the manufacture of the panels recyclable and more environmentally friendly than most building materials, the structures they create are far more energy efficient, durable and sustainable than with standard construction. The total calculated savings equation will offset the energy used in manufacturing within a few short years. Ongoing benefits are then reaped exponentially over the long sustainable life of the building.

MagRoc™ products are environmentally friendly. They are naturally occurring mineral based and free from toxins such as asbestos or formaldehyde and require no additive chemical treatment against rot. Magnesium oxide (MgO) is the primary ingredient and it is the second most abundant mineral compound found on earth, making up 35% of the earths' crust.

MagRoc™ is manufactured at ambient temperatures and cures thru an naturally occurring exothermic reaction of the combined ingredients. No additional energy input is required as in the case of Gypsum products where 67% of the embodied energy is added at the end to dry and cure the gypsum boards. Studies have shown MgO based boards actually absorb Carbon Dioxide into the board structure while curing and this helps strengthen its intrinsic bond.

MagRoc ™ is mould and fungus resistant, does not off-gas and contains no toxic ingredients. This makes it perfect for those whom suffer from allergies, asthma and other chemical and indoor environmental sensitivities. Many plaster boards have been found to off-gas and harbour various contaminants and cultures in the vulnerable paper facings.

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