MagRoc ™ Structural Insulated Panels will speed up your onsite build time significantly, as well as reduce waste materials by condensing multiple installations process to one simple step. Once drawings and approvals are in hand the panels can be manufactured in a few days. With good planning and scheduling you can have your project sealed up and weather tight significantly faster than the conventional approach. Windows and doors can be pre-cut to further reduce on site labour and add even more speed to the process.

MagRoc ™ panels give the developer/builder the advantage of faster building times, quicker turn over with less skilled labour and reduced carrying costs. The individual homeowner can greatly condense his time frames from planning to occupancy reducing rental and financing costs.









 MagRoc™ Panels arrive and are ready for construction to begin.      










Plates are fastened down and layout is marked as per architectural and engineering plans.        









 Panels are quickly and easily assembled by workers.      







 Construction progresses quickly with this simple system. Up to 25% faster than conventional assemblies, with less sequences and much less onsite waste. It is also recyclable!       












Second story construction proceeds as simply and quickly as the first.    










Quality of installation and inherent straightness of the MagRoc™ SIPS  is readily apparent and speed is maintained!      









Conventional materials and systems can be easily combined into a hybrid structure. This is often the best way to achieve cost effectiveness and design flexibility. Especially with complex and expensive architectural features such as multi profile hip roofs.     










 Nearly ready for lock up!             







The quality of finish on this MagRoc™ custom residence ...."Speaks for itself"!

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