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MagRoc ™ panel systems create a superior building envelope with high thermal resistance and minimal air infiltration. The insulation value of our panels is far superior to conventional framing and batt insulation. There are no cold joints and the EPS core will retain virtually 100% R value efficiency for the life of the structure.

MagRoc™ panel connection splines are solid mini SIPS fastened with expanding foam adhesive and mechanical fasteners. The splines effectively extend the systems performance across the critical joint.


MagRoc ™ panel systems create an envelope that is virtually airtight giving occupants more control over their environment and vastly superior heating and cooling performance. The average wood framed house can lose 40% of its heating and cooling efficiency through cracks in assemblies and poorly installed or deteriorating insulation. The EPS foam core in our panels and connection splines can easily achieve higher R values and tighter building seals than conventional assemblies and the ratings they provide are air tight true R values that will not sag or deteriorate over time.

MagRoc ™ panel systems have proven to reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 50%. They also allow for smaller infrastructure costs regardless of energy source as they function much more efficiently than conventionally built structures.

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