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MagRoc Investment Opportunity


Quze Inc./MagRoc is a Canadian based organization that blends several groups of highly experienced MgO sheathing, SIPS panel developers and construction professionals that together have decades of experience in the field.


The team is comprised of players whom have developed MgO based sheathings and SIPS systems through several evolutions and actually built and warranted the products and systems in real time to real customers.


Do not be fooled by imitators the pictures on our websites and project galleries are actual projects built with our MGO products in Canada and Australia by our installation teams.


Quze Inc. / MagRoc is pleased to present the International Investment Opportunity to our network and other interested parties. The following information is a summary overview of the opportunity:


·         MagRoc SA (Adelaide) opened as an exclusive manufacturing and distribution license in January of 2012.

·         MagRoc NZ opened 2 months later creating a strong presence in the Australasian markets.


Quze Inc. /MagRoc and our licensees have further expanded the market presence and profile and have ascertained that ALL things considered Australia is the best current global market for our product line.


The market dynamics allow for exceptional margins and flexible price scalability while competing dollar for dollar with conventional building assemblies right off the shelf!


·         That makes MagRoc SIPS inherent performance superiority over conventional and  other alternative systems a bargain and the logical choice rather than a green but more expensive “Premium Product”.


·         These practical realities coupled with the stable construction economy and a continent wide thirst for greener, energy saving and sustainable building alternatives is fueling intense interest from retail end users through to construction materials suppliers and building professionals on up to government housing authorities.



Quze Inc./ MagRoc has successfully operated building with MagRoc SIPS in Canada and Australia under the "deemed to satisfy" and "site specific engineering" clauses of the building code. 


We are certifying MagRoc ™ sheathing... but more importantly the MagRoc ™ SIPS systems and Cladding products and it is backed by the most experienced MgO SIPS development and system installation team in the world.


Quze Inc. and the MagRoc Group are now ready to focus on, fully capitalize and market at the national level and are inviting participation from our existing inward contact circle out through to the general public. The timing is absolutely perfect for Australia .


Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss the opportunity.

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