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What is MagRoc™ ? What is MagRoc™ ? MagRoc ™ is the latest evolution of MgO based sheathing from the most experienced team of MgO board and product developers in the world.  
What is the new MagRoc™ SIPS Panel System? What is the new MagRoc™ SIPS Panel System? This new MagRoc™ SIPS panel system is a patent pending proprietary system, recently developed in Canada. This system was developed to address concerns and deficiencies related to residential and commercial construction.
What can it do for you? What it can do for you! For Residential Construction MagRoc™SIPS offers versatility and more importantly, solutions to issues like energy efficiency, fire, water and mould resistance and quality of installations, at a cost comparable to current construction.


MagRoc ™ Structural Insulated Panels  will speed up your onsite build time significantly, as well as reduce waste materials by condensing multiple installations process to one simple step.

Once drawings and approvals are in hand the panels can be manufactured in a few days.

With good planning and scheduling you can have your project sealed up and weather tight significantly faster than the conventional approach.

Windows and doors can be pre-cut to further reduce on site labour and add even more speed to the process.

Plates are fastened down and layout is marked as per architectural and engineering plans.  

MagRoc ™ panels give the developer/builder the advantage of faster building times, quicker turn over with less skilled labour and reduced carrying costs.

The individual home-owner can greatly condense his time frames from planning to occupancy reducing rental and financing costs. MagRoc™ Panels arrive and are ready for construction to begin.     


Construction progresses quickly with this simple system. Up to 25% faster than conventional assemblies, with   less sequences and much less onsite waste. It is also recyclable! 

Panels are quickly and easily assembled by workers.      

Second story construction proceeds as simply and quickly as the first.    

Quality of installation and inherent straightness of the MagRoc™ SIPS  is readily apparent and speed is maintained!



Conventional materials and systems can be easily combined into a hybrid structure. This is often the best way to achieve cost effectiveness and design flexibility. Especially with complex and expensive architectural features such as multi profile hip roofs.    Read More

Nearly ready for lock up!


 The quality of finish on this MagRoc™ custom residence ...."Speaks for itself"!




Fire Test Video.



Assembly Video.

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Product Highlights

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MagRoc™ Structural Insulate Panels are a GREENER way to build.

MagRoc™ Structural Insulate Panels are a GREENER way to build. Not only are the materials used in the manufacture of the panels recyclable and more environmentally friendly than most building materials, the structures they create are far more energy efficient,...

MagRoc™ products are environmentally friendly.

MagRoc™ products are environmentally friendly. They are naturally occurring mineral based and free from toxins such as asbestos or formaldehyde and require no additive chemical treatment against rot. Magnesium oxide (MgO) is the primary ingredient and it...

MagRoc ™ is mould and fungus resistant,

MagRoc ™ is mould and fungus resistant, Does not off-gas and contains no toxic ingredients. This makes it perfect for those whom suffer from allergies, asthma and other chemical and indoor environmental sensitivities. Many plaster boards have been found...



MagRoc Assembly Demo

Be Wise Build on the Roc




MagRoc Concept House

Be Wise Build on the Roc




MagRoc Fire Demonstration

Be Wise Build on the Roc



 On The Left is the MagRoc construction, on the Right is conventional construction.

MagRoc™SIPS do not deteriorate when saturated.

MagRoc™ is highly water resistant. It will only absorb a tested maximum of 21% moisture by weight under fully submerged total saturation. It also quickly releases this moisture, as the products natural mineral characteristics allow it to readily"breathe" it back out. Even with repeated wet/dry applications and 50 cycles of freeze/thaw testing there is no product performance breakdown and no deterioration.

MagRoc Green Technology

MagRoc™ Structural Insulate Panel System(SIPS) are a GREENER way to build. Not only are the materials used in the manufacture of the panels recyclable and more environmentally friendly than most building materials, the structures they create are far more energy efficient, durable and sustainable than with standard construction. 

Fire Safety

Fire codes are changing internationally.  MagRoc™ already has it covered. Under the building codes in Canada, the USA and Australasia, products that have been tested in an accredited 3rd party lab for fire and structural properties. 

Designed with factory pre-cut electrical chases

MagRoc™ SIPS  panels are designed with factory pre-cut electrical chases running vertically in the EPS foam core @ 16" (300mm) on centre. This allows for installations at intervals similar to convention construction layouts. 

MagRoc is mold resistant

Black mold is destructive and unhealthy. MagRoc™ is highly mold and fungus resistant. It is a proprietary non-nutrient design mix and there is nothing in the finished product that will encourage or support mould, fungal or bacteria growth.

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License and Investment Opportunities

Quze Inc. (pronounced "Q") is offering exclusive MagRoc™ manufacturing/distribution licenses globally. Currently South Australia (Adelaide) and New Zealand (Christchurch) are operational with Saskatchewan (Saskatoon) Canada coming on line in early 2013.

New national MagRoc Australia license offering opportunity now available!  MagRoc Australia Investment

Quze Inc. is actvely negotiating licenses for South Africa, Nigeria and Malaysia.

Our Latin American affiliate network and agents are operating in South America and actively discussing licensees for Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Argentina. These areas are currently unsigned still open and inquiries for these and other SA territories are welcome.

Together with our SE Asian affiliates we are actively discussing licenses for Malaysia and several across India. Many of these territories are unsigned still open and inquiries are welcome.

If you are interested in a license or investment opportunity please contact us.

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  • Fire resistance.     
  • Impact resistance.
  • Water resistance.
  • Mold Resistance 
  • Insect Resistance 

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